Allow us to present to you Myo. Myo is a bracelet designed to sensor turnover operations through muscle activity. The gadget has been used by DJ Armin Van Buuren as an interactive device during his shows around the world. The bracelet was designed to regulate the video content and light show with particular arm movements. You can watch the video below to see how the DJ is entertaining the public more effectively using this active monitoring.

Source: Armin van Buuren; 

Myo connect

Myo has eight exclusive sensors designed to detect different muscle movements once it is connected. The gadget then conveys the pulses through Bluetooth to the application program Myo Connect’ on your laptop, tablet or SmartPhone. Different movements such as spreading the fingers or making a fist can be controlled using different functions. Not only are you able to scroll, open a new menu, or click but you can also type on the keyboard.

Incorporative applications

Myo Connect can integrate with different apps including iTunes, Spotify, Powerpoint and VLC Player. These applications are easily downloadable via the internet for use with OSX and Windows operating systems. It is very easy to play videos, presentations or music this way. Imagine being able to select your next slide during a presentation by just using a simple hand movement. Just throw away those clickers!

Source: Thalmic Labs; 

Unlimited possibilities

Apart from managing some of the most common programs and apps, the bracelet can be used for a host of other purposes. For example, you can use one arm to control a drone using Parrot 3.0 Myo. There is no limit as to what you can do using Myo bracelet and the gadget is still under constant upgrades. Do you see any opportunities?

Come up with bright ideas or take us for a Myo demo and get amazed!