AV rental

AV Rental

Bano has grown to the size it is today by renting out audiovisual equipment. Almost 50 years ago, we started out with a single microphone and two self-built speakers. By now, we are a full service AV company offering a wide range of products; we have light, sound, image, décor, staging, interior, and stand building materials.

We use this broad range of materials, along with our expertise, to lift our projects to the next level. We work exclusively with high quality brands that are compatible with the industry standards. In addition, we are able to give you thorough and independent advice on how to improve the quality of your project. And all of this at a fair price!

Our range of materials is also available for use by business colleagues, the so-called dry hire.



Please, take a look at our online Rentalshop. Here you can order 24/7 your AV materials.

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