Virtual Exhibition Presentation

admin Dec 14, 2015

As a international event supplier, we offer support to our international customers at exhi /...

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MYO, action in a snap

admin Dec 14, 2015

Allow us to present to you Myo. Myo is a bracelet designed to sensor turnover operations t /...

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Trendship 2015

admin Nov 5, 2015

Event: Trendship 2015 Production: Tres in collaboration with Bano Capacity: 1500 peopl /...

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Night Of The Fashion

admin Oct 29, 2015

Event: Night of the fashion Productie: SD Event Production Type: Live Event Locatie: C /...

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Why the design of an exhibition stand can be decisive

admin Oct 22, 2015

Some stands may be small, but can make a big impression if there is well reflected on the /...

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How event branding can success your corporate event

admin Oct 16, 2015

Event branding is creating a relationship between look, touch, feel and message for each d /...

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Tips for creating a light plan

admin Oct 7, 2015

A spectacular light show is almost impossible to imagine today's events and dance halls . /...

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Progress requires entrepreneurship

admin Sep 30, 2015

The entrepreneurs gala of VNO-NCW North is celebrated this year with mixed feelings. On th /...

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How exhibition participation can boost your sales

admin Sep 29, 2015

Companies are constantly looking at how they create better awareness around their brand an /...

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