We facilitate many conferences with our audiovisual support. We coordinate the technical project management, and can translate your wishes into video, audio, and lighting designs. We can give your conference a completely own design and style.

Bano has a wide range of audio systems that is used for facilitating conferences. The possibilities are legion: sound reinforcement of keynote halls, setting up break-out areas, supporting live acts and presentations. We have the right equipment for every room and every project.

As far as video is concerned, think in terms of large screen video and data projections, and live streaming over the internet. We provide stage and conference lighting, as well as decor and staging designs. For the content of your conference, we can provide you with every necessary multimedia application, Powerpoint or Keynote cleaning and guidance.

We provide a personal audio, video and lighting design, tailored to your wishes. Sometimes systems must be nearly invisible or flown, sometimes the presence of deep sub-low is important, or the set needs to be laid out as a 360-degree design. Supporting speakers, or guiding discussions, we have the knowledge, materials, and experience to make it possible.