Content can be created and realised in various forms; presentation support, graphic design, animation and video editing

Content quality is vital, we cannot emphasise that enough. You probably have very clear ideas, but is your message translated into the right content? You might want to review the images online or create a thread between various PowerPoints? We can offer expert help in various ways:

Presentation Support

We offer support in creating, revising and cleaning presentations, both on-site and during the preparations. PowerPoints, Keynotes or Prezis, we know how to work with your presentation material. We make sure that the composition is correct, that the in-house style pops and that the message is clear. We often create on-site ‘speaker support centres’.

Graphic Design

Your visuals can be custom-made to be shown on creative LED screens, widescreen projections or projection mapping. We are driven in creating this graphic content. Projection mapping on a building or controlling suspended creative LED tubes and more. Even with widescreen projections, curved and 360 degrees screens, it’s more than just technology at work. The key is creating an impressive event using graphic design and technology.


In addition to 2D and 3D visuals, we also make animation clips. Elements such as logos, message and corporate design often exist, but they must be incorporated into an attractive whole. We have done countless animation projects, from simple logo-loops to extreme widescreen and mapping solutions.

Video Editting

Pre- and post video editing are both essential in the production of practically every event. Editing the introduction film, recording the event on-site or editing recordings so they can be viewed online after the event. We edit in Full HD and in 4K. Some examples of what we can offer in video editing: colour correction, subtitling and video-on-demand versions of presentations.