Every event starts with a creative concept before it is designed.

Are you organising an event and feel like something is missing? Creative inspiration for the look & feel or maybe innovative tools to make your work easier? We can help you with that needed inspiration or experience.

At Bano we like to start at the beginning; the concept of an event. We start with the goal, the reason for organising the event. Planning an event is one thing, but actually doing it is something altogether different. We work with events (organisers) on a daily basis and know better than anyone where to start and what is important. Here are just a few examples of how we can offer added value in the start-up phase of a project:

Creative Concept

Nobody wants ‘the same as last time’. As a company, we see that organisers are often looking for something unusual, unique or really special. A certain x-factor in the concept that sets it apart from all the rest. There is nothing more fun than an inspiring talk and together finding a concept that suits your target group and budget.

Designing The Event

We create a thorough, in-depth concept of an event. We make mood boards and sketches to bring our vision of your event to life. We also draw up an estimate, so you know right from the start if your concept is feasible.


Realising events is what we do, so we often already recognise possible obstacles during these inspiring talks. Our expertise makes it possible to implement first-rate solutions for your event concept.

Do you think Bano can bring added value to your concept or event design? Stop by anytime and see for yourself. And be prepared to be amazed