Event design; view your event design in 3D in a number of different ways.

Working towards a good event design is an interesting process. You are closely involved so you can really see the design come to life. We understand the importance of 3D visualisation like no other. And we know how to make it happen.

In a project team, several people are often responsible for management and decision making. A descriptive and realistic design are an enormous help in planning the event. We have the expertise and the tools to help you in the following ways

3D Rendering

A 3D depiction of the final event. We install lighting, decor and equipment in the venue and create a realistic representation of the actual show. This is a great help when discussing the experience and event design.

3D Motion Design

A 3D depiction of the event but entirely in full motion video. Decor is moving, presentations are going on and the camera is moving through the venue showing what the actual event will look like.

Unique Reality

Top of the line when it comes to designing events and their presentation. We convert the event design into a ‘virtual reality’ environment, with you smack in the middle. You can explore the event and take in the atmosphere yourself. You will not believe your eyes, thanks to special 3D glasses or Google Cardboard.