Bano inspires, informs and engages audiences with innovative event technology

Live events

With skilled expertise and state-of-the-art technology we make sure your live event is a memorable experience; one that impacts, inspires and impresses your audience.

Corporate events

With attention to detail and extensive planning we ensure your corporate event is organised perfectly, making sure the message you wish to get across is crystal clear.


Our stage settings and audio-visual technologies guarantee a lasting impression with your audience. People will be talking about your company for ages!


By organising a roadshow, we can create personal moments of contact for you and your audience. This way, you can build the strongest of bonds with your target audience.


We aim to create events all across Europe that inspire, impact and engage your audience. With innovative stage designs and stunning audio-visual technology we guarantee your event will be a major success. Whether you wish to entertain, inform or both, we will make sure your event is unforgettable. Get into contact with us today to start your road success!

About us

All across Europe

Bano is located in the Netherlands, but we operate throughout the whole of Europe. Whatever you want to organise and, more importantly, wherever you want to organise it: Bano is the company for you. We will guide you through all creative, logistic and technical processes to ensure success for your event.

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