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We create live events that inspire, impact and engage. With cutting-edge technologies and years of experience in audio-visual production we make sure our clients can reach out to their audience in the most creative way possible. Get into contact with us today and see how we can make your dreams come true.

The complete package

We offer you the complete package and guarantee all of your needs and wants will be fulfilled. As a skilled live event production company, we will guide you from beginning to end in all creative, logistic and technical processes to make sure your live event, wherever in Europe it may be held, will be talked about for ages.

Our team of experienced specialists works in the whole of Europe to deliver products and services that will dazzle you and your audience. Whether you want to organise an amazing live event in southern Italy or a thrilling event in northern Germany, we will be there to provide a memorable experience.

Clear and clean communication

We know that communication is paramount when planning a live event. That is why it is our goal to maintain a clear and clean communication with you throughout our entire collaboration. To reach this goal you will be assigned one contact within our company through whom all communication will take place.


Unforgettable experiences

We aim to create unforgettable experiences. By using state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs we ensure all attendees will have fond memories of the time they visited your live event. Your audience will be impressed, excited, touched, inspired and blown away all at once!

Endless possibilities

As your live event planner, we offer you endless possibilities. With your ideas, requirements and budgets in mind, we create visual 3D designs, so we can show you exactly what your live event is going to look and feel like.

Legislation and regulation

There is legislation and regulation involved when planning a live event. Luckily, we know all the rules by heart, so you don’t have to. We will make sure your entire live event meets all the requirements and does not break any rules. This way, you know for sure that all conditions concerning safety and volume are met.

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Want to know more?

Our team of experienced specialists can provide you with advice and support in all your live event planning projects. Do you wish to know more about our products and services? Check out our portfolio or get into contact with us right away.

  • Live events throughout Europe
  • Live events that engage your audience
  • Endless possibilities
  • Clear communication
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All across Europe

Bano is located in the Netherlands, but we operate throughout the whole of Europe. Whatever you want to organise and, more importantly, wherever you want to organise it: Bano is the company for you. We will guide you through all creative, logistic and technical processes to ensure success for your event.

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