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We can help you put together a roadshow that creates perfect interactive moments with your audience. These events are great formulas to add to your field marketing strategy and help your branding. The concept makes it possible to reach your audience in a personal way and it even makes it possible to reach audiences you never would have been able to otherwise! Roadshows have a high success rate, surpassing sales by phone calls or email simply by making a personal connection. Let us help you create an unbreakable bond with your audience.

Complete service

Bano provides full custom service. We arrange the entire process, from our first talk until the disassembly and transport of the vehicle. Your custom roadshow will be a creative, innovative stage set. With a custom printed wall, unique video content, high quality sound and video content you will be able to give your customers a unique experience. The stage setting is based on all your demands and needs. We make sure that your goal becomes ours.

We want to surpass your expectations by creating a roadshow that achieves the results you have in mind and more.

Personal contact!

We want to provide you the best service possible by assigning you a personal internal contact from our company to handle your case. This person is your personal ‘assistant’ who you can reach out to at any time you need support. Your contact will give you the best service possible.

A great field marketing strategy

The most important part of the roadshow is the content. A roadshow allows the speaker to reach out to his customers in person and deliver his message instantly. Make sure your message contains everything you want your potential customers to know, whether you just want to promote your product, launch a new product or just inform your potential customers.

On the road!

Do you want to bring your products and services as close as possible to your target audience? A roadshow is the perfect cost-effective way of getting across both complex and simple messages to your audience. Roadshows are very effective due to their mobility. It is easy to transfer from one place to another. This way the reach of your campaign is way bigger than it usually is.

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More information?

In case you need assistance for any of the services we provide or have questions regarding other subjects: just reach out to us. Our team of professionals will help you out.

  • Complete service
  • Personal contact
  • Custom roadshow
  • Professional expertise
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All across Europe

Bano is located in the Netherlands, but we operate throughout the whole of Europe. Whatever you want to organise and, more importantly, wherever you want to organise it: Bano is the company for you. We will guide you through all creative, logistic and technical processes to ensure success for your event.

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