Municipal elections 2018 – Debate in TV Style!

The municipal elections are coming soon. As you know, all kinds of debates and election evenings are organized around these elections. For you as a municipality the ideal opportunity to generate media attention for this democratic process within your municipal boundaries.

Debate in TV style

The average Dutchman is now accustomed to the major television debates that are broadcast from slick studios and other locations. To make it possible for a municipality to organize a debate evening in this form and style, Bano has put together a tailor-made (but sustainable) package specifically for the municipal elections 2018, with which you can realize this together with us!

The base consists of a themed decor, sound installation and screen(s) for presentations, propositions or intros. In short, we relieve you from A to Z!

In addition, we can expand this package with a range of technical options. For example, you can think of:

Interactive voting system (with statements, or to appoint a possible winner)

  • Catch box (throw this soft cube microphone into the audience to interact with questions and/or comments from the audience)
  • Live streaming to your public website or a closed circuit
  • Camera direction (recordings)

We are happy to think along with you and can, for example, also facilitate you with:

  • A presenter
  • Tribune
  • Printing
  • A present afterwards

Are you interested in this package and would you like more information? Then contact one of our employees without obligation. Our experts will gladly inform you about all possibilities.