Noorderpoort takes up residence this month in a striking bright orange building at the Europapark in Groningen.

It is not a school, not an office, but something completely new: the beating heart of Noorderpoort with the name ‘Hotspot’. A knowledge center for young and old, a meeting place for students and local residents. Here you can have a conversation about your study choice, about your career and about lifelong learning at Noorderpoort. Information meets conviviality, knowledge meets innovation and future meets ambition

In the summer holidays we worked hard on phase one of this great project. This is mainly focused on the inside, where all meeting rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual technology. For example: 98 inch screens, large format touchscreens, wireless presentation systems, milled out whiteboards with a very high quality and a projection system with LED laser technology.

We have now also started preparations for phase 2, in which we will work on the appearance of the exterior of the Noorderpoort hotspot. To be continued!