Special experience

At Bano, we have been converting ideas into special experiences for years. We mainly do this for physical events, but in 2020 this can also be moved to an online environment. Through our partnership with the Let”s Get Digital platform, we are able to transform the knowledge and expertise we have built up over time into a beautiful digital environment. From idea to WOW. Offline and online.

Online setting

An online setting where you still have the opportunity to welcome your customers, organize a break out session and bring your visitors into contact with each other. Options that cannot be compared to your regular video call on a Monday morning. Your visitors will receive an invitation to your event and upon arrival they will receive their own personal name badge. They are welcomed in the reception area by one or more hosts and are of course given a tour. Everything has been thought of, and your visitors can see that too. The decoration of the event suits your company exactly. This creates a sense of recognition and gives confidence.

Make your own schedule

Your visitors view the program and determine which speakers they would like to see. They make a schedule for themselves. At the end of the afternoon there is also a network drink, which is also scheduled. A signal is given 5 minutes before the first speaker starts. Conversations with other attendees are completed and moved to the room where they wait for the speaker to begin.

Are you looking for a partner to help you set up your digital event? Then you are at the right place at Bano.

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