Corner stand

Corner stand

The corner stand is a less common type of stand. This type of stand consists of two walls constructing a closed corner and has two open sides. The advantage of the corner stand is that traffic comes from two sides and that there is still plenty of room for creative expressions. This type of stand a true eye-catcher!


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The corner stand characterizes itself by the open and the inviting character. Since the corner stand consists of two walls constructing a closed corner, there is still enough room for creative impressions. The corner stand is very suitable for representing your company, brand or product and to portray it in a striking way. The corner stand is available in many sizes. Thereby you have the option to choose between two stand constructions: Octanorm Profiles and Fabric Frame. Our corner stands guarantee you a successful exhibition!

How does it work?

We design, mastermind and construct your stand design. Our objective is to translate the message of your company into a unique stand design. We carefully map your wishes, ideas and objectives in order to give you a tailored advice in a creative concept design (3D drawing). Once there is an agreement on the design and offer, then our designers will bring the sketch and technical drawing to life in a 3D model of the actual stand. This provides a prefect and realistic image of the final stand. Our objective is to take care of every detail during the process, from designing till staging, to create the ideal platform for your corporate and brand to make your trade show an unforgettable experience for you and the visitors. In other words, total unburdening.

Stand constructions

If you are interested in a corner stand, you can choose between two stand constructions: Octanorm Profiles or Fabric Frame. Both stand constructions are available in many sizes.