Sound Masking stands for an appliance that has been used successfully for 30 years in countries like America, Canada, England and the Netherlands. Sound Masking is the addition of an inconspicuous background sound, comparable to a noise signal, in a (work)space. The background noise dampens ambient sounds such as telephone calls and consultative colleagues. At the same time, it is an excellent solution for ensuring speech intelligibility. The result is a more comfortable, productive and more private work environment.

The Sound Masking-System

The Sound Masking-system is a very small, inconspicuous case that can be controlled simple and fast. The installation of the system can be realized is a very short time. Besides, the sleek design ensures that it fits perfectly in any ceiling type. if you prefer the system completely out of sight, you can choose to place it under a counter or like in a closet. The noise signal that is emitted is comparable to the sound of an air conditioner or that of a natural breeze in the open air.

How does Sound Masking work?

Currently the most workplaces are open spaces, which are often divided and are also often small in space. This often results in a noise flow that negatively affects the productivity, the stress level and the privacy of the employees. There are also workplaces where the privacy of conversations is greatly appreciated; think of conversations in hospitals, GP’s, banks etc. Especially for types of applications Cambridge has developed the Sound Masking system.

The Cambridge Sound Masking-system focuses solely on the frequencies of human speech. This makes the speech much more effective without having to raise your voice. This ensures that you hear the conversations of others less well. Ultimately, it improves the overall acoustic environment and ensures the privacy of your employees and visitors an open and shared office environment.

Sound Masking in practice

The Sound Masking system is often used for (large) office spaces, meeting rooms and call centers. Other applications which Sound Masking is very suitable are speaking and waiting rooms at a general practitioner, pharmacy and banks, where privacy of what is discussed must be guaranteed.

More information

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