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The sky is the limit. You want to make your trade show an outstanding success by giving the attendees an experience they will never forget. The only way to succeed is to stand out in the crowd! Bano excels in providing you with the most unique, innovative and eye-catching stand presentation for your trade show.

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Exhibition stand design

We create complete concepts and creative designs for a wide range of exhibition stand designs through our bespoke project approach. We conduct research into your company to define the message you wish to extend, which leads to well-thought-out, innovative and outstanding stand designs. Your exhibition stand will catch the attendees’ attention, interact with them and give them a memorable experience. Our exhibition designers are driven by passion and the latest trends of exhibition stand designs.


How do you impress the attendees at a trade show and how do you attract them to your stand and keep their attention? You want to extend a clear message, but what is the best way to manage that? You need an exhibition stand that is eye-catching, catches the attendees’ attention and interacts with them. Therefore you need an effective and impressive stand design. You need to stand out in any crowd! Bano provides the most unique and innovative tailor-made stands, who will guarantee your trade show to be a huge success.

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Exhibition possibilities

head stand

Head stands

row stand

Row stands

Corner stand

Corner stands

island stand

Island stands

Personal contact!

Bano aims to provide the best service possible to optimise the customers’ needs, by assigning a personal internal contact from the company to handle your case. You can reach out to this person for any kind of support you need. Your contact gives you the best service possible.


With over 40 years of experience in exhibition staging, Bano is a well-known company on the European market. With staging designs on a various of Europe’s biggest trade shows and conferences we are able to accept any of your requests. A small impression of some globally accepted companies we collaborated with are: Canon, on the Canon LPF in Madrid and Huawei, on the Mobile World Congress in the Fira de Barcelona. We also arranged the audio-visual technology for Hewlett Packard on a series of events, congresses and roadshows. Due to our experience with big clients like this, professional expertise is guaranteed.


To provide our customers the best service possible we invented some tools to support your company during the preparation phase of your next event. If your company is planning to organise more events in the near future, it is possible to store your materials at our storage with the Inventory Manager. Or perhaps, if your company wants an easy feature to place orders, the Exhibition Planner might be it for you.

Stand construction

We design, mastermind and construct, regardless of how big the challenge might be. Our exhibit designers and exhibit builders have this common goal to take care of every detail during the process, from designing till staging, to take your wishes to the next level and make your trade show an unforgettable experience for you and the attendees.

Custom modular trade show displays

Modular trade show displays provide exhibitors with a custom-looking exhibit and can adapt and evolve for a wide diversity of shows. The modular display can be reconfigured by using standardised components as building blocks. The ability of reconfiguration gives the modular display the opportunity to be used at multiple events. The exhibits are easily assembled, disassembled, shipped and stored.

More information?

Do you need any assistance for the services we provide or do you have any questions regarding our products or just about any uncertainties? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will help you out.

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  • Personal contact
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  • Professional expertise
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All across Europe

Bano is located in the Netherlands, but we operate throughout the whole of Europe. Whatever you want to organise and, more importantly, wherever you want to organise it: Bano is the company for you. We will guide you through all creative, logistic and technical processes to ensure success for your event.

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