You are busy preparing your event. Everything must be prepared, and you can’t take it anymore. To prevent these problems, drafting a detailed script is a must.  With this you can perfectly prepare for your event and the event itself will run smoothly. But what does a good script look like exactly? You read it here.

What does a script consist of?

A script contains three chapters:

  • General part
  • Overview of tasks and actions (who, what, were)
  • Household information + list of supplies and materials.
  1. General part

The general part of the script consists of the contact details of all employees and suppliers who are involved in the event. Mention the names, addresses, contacts and telephone numbers. Make sure the list in complete, so that you can contact us directly in case of calamities.

Include the core program of the event in the general section. Display here the important parts with start and end times and the place where this takes place.

  1. overview of tasks and actions (who, what, were)

This part of the script is nothing more than a logical enumeration of all facts and agreements that were made for your event. Set out the following points:

  • Time
  • Place
  • Activity/part of the program
  • Responsibility
  • Comments/notes

The program of your event is the main theme of your script. Put all facts in a row as detailed as possible. Do not forget to also mention the construction and dismantling of the event. After all, your event falls or stands with a good, detailed scenario; so, take the time for this.

Make your own script for each supplier. Include items such as accommodation requirements for a location, floor plans, delivery routes and opening hours for exhibition builders, furniture suppliers and AV suppliers etc.

  1. household information + list of all supplies and materials

This script is almost finished. This section of the script is processed in the appendices. Here you can include information that is extra focused on floor plans, house rules, route descriptions, user manuals and material lists. Start drawing up these lists in time and keep these lists up-to-date during the event preparation process.

Watch here the checklist for organizing events

During the process to the event

Keep track of changes

Make sure the script is always up-to-date! if changes occur in the program, adjust these directly in your script. In this way, everyone stays up-to-date about his or her job responsibilities and prevents you from encountering surprises during the event.

Script for communication

The script is the most important communication piece before and during your event. Make sure that the script is clear and understandable for everyone. The content must be informative and concise so that everyone can work with it. When you need information about the event quickly, the script should serve perfectly as a reference book.

Communicate about the scenario of your event

Also ensure that everyone is involved in the event in possession of the script. send them at least 5 working day before the start of the event. For example, everyone has the time to thoroughly review the script and any changes can be made because of feedback. Make sure you also have some printed versions during the event, so that you can always fall back on this.

Bano takes your event to a higher level

Are you afraid that you will forget to include something in your script, which may lead to unexpected surprises? Let the Bano specialists put together a perfect script for your event, worked out in detail. Bano takes your event to a higher level and there will be no unpleasant surprises in the process prior to the event and during the event. Do you want more information about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us. Our specialists are happy to provide you with the necessary information and are happy to discuss the possibilities

Download here the perfect script lay out for your event